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The gentleman’s farm. A place of retreat, well-kept, diverse, and varied. The pursuit is for the pleasure they give.

These storied farms shape our thinking on living and winemaking.

Gentleman Farmer, small production wines. Taking pleasure in wine and food — time slows. The fast pace world loosens its hold. We connect with the natural rhythms of the seasons and each other.

This idea is rooted in the the wines we create. Each tells an authentic story of the seasons and traditions that surround them.  They resonate of the place and the people who had a hand in crafting them.

Our singular goal as winemakers is to bring these things into focus and to offer a warm welcome to a place and tradition we hold dear.

These wines communicate a way of life,

celebrating a culture of the table.

A symbol of the good life,

a form of grace,

a feeling of the world receding.

They stand central to the rituals of cooking and eating together, of sharing conversations.  They offer an alternative that feels more authentic.  In this context food and wine are meaningful.

Eating well, drinking thoughtfully,

embracing idyllic moments,

and a strong view on how life ought to be.

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